I bought a second-hand bike, does the warranty hold?

Massi always grants the warranty to the original purchaser.

What do I do when I discover a crack or a problem with my bike?

The easiest way to manage a warranty is to go to the dealer where you bought the bike. The distributor will take care of the procedures and communications with Massi. This will clarify any doubts you may have.

If I buy a second-hand bike, what guarantee do I have?

The guarantee is to the first buyer and is no longer valid once the bike has been sold a second time. According to the law, for sales of second-hand bikes the seller must cover a warranty period of 6 months to the buyer.

What happens when claiming a warranty?

When you make a guarantee, your dealer will send the claim to the Massi After-Sales team. They analyze the situation and see what the solution is for it. If it falls within the warranty conditions, we will carry out the repair or replacement order so that it can be fixed as soon as possible.


What is the bike size that fits me?

At MASSI we know that it is important to get the size of your bike right before making the purchase. To make sure you get the size right, MASSI provides you with a table of indicative information that you can find in the specifications of each bike model.

Are small and large carbon frames equally stiff?

Each carbon frame has its own shape and tube diameter. This allows us to achieve exceptionally high stiffness on oversized frames and save weight on smaller frames with the same level of stiffness.

Where can I test a bike?

Try a bike at our Official Massi Points We have a wide network of Official Massi Points spread throughout Europe.

What types of roofs are there and what are the differences between them?

Rigid Rim Tires Rim tires have been the standard for today’s bicycle tires. The wire ring around the tire prevents it from coming off the rim under pressure. Folding covers Folding covers are a more modern version of hoop covers. In this case the wire ring is replaced by a kevlar band. This allows the cover to be folded down and, depending on the size, reduce its weight by approximately 50-90g. Tubeless tires With tubeless tires it is not necessary to use tubes. The tire and rim are designed to be sealed together. Special tires and tires are required.


What is the closest official distributor?

In our lower menu we have a page where you can find all our Massi distributors.

How do I contact Massi?

For any questions you can go to your official distributor or contact Massi through this email address: cmventas@casamasferrer.com

Where can I find original spare parts?

To request original spare parts you must go to an authorized MASSI dealer.